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F200 Laser Printer

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F200 Laser Printer

The smart lase F200 compliments our smart laser printer for metal cans PP containers.

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High contrast permanent coding onto metals, plastic to ensure long-term traceability. Easy head integration due to the print head compactness Large choice of lenses to meet specific application needs (message content, speed and substrate). Operate as stand-alone or on-line. Superior laser source lifetime = 100,000 hours. Operates in environments, up to 43?C (109?F) No plant air or water is required for cooling.


Production line speed (max): up to 120 m/min, Marking speed (max): up to 1000 characters Coding on stationary or moving products Number of text lines: limited only by character height and allowable print area. Limited to 4 lines if tactile user interface terminal is used Character height: from 1 mm to allowable print area Logos, graphics, one & two dimensional barcodes Choice of 11 laser fonts and a large variety of true type fonts Coding area and focal distance of the lens (mm, standard): 100x100 / fd 162 Pointing diode (635nm)


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The SmartLase F200, compliments our SmartLase C Series CO2 range, is designed to be a high quality code solution for polymers and bare metals. The F200 provides permanent high quality, high contrast codes on a variety of rigid plastics (PE/PP), bare metals and other substrates commonly used in the food and cosmetics as well as other industries. The permanence of these codes ensures long-term traceability of your product.

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