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FELP Wrapping Machine

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FELP Wrapping Machine

FE-LP Stretch Wrapping Machines for pallet loads of random heights weighing up to 2000 kgs are available both in semi-automatic and automatic models. Custom designed machines are also available for different load sizes. These machines are fitted with photo eye sensing option to sense the height of the load automatically.

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FE-LP is available in dual-turntable configuration for increased throughput capacity. Some of the typical applications include all export palletized cargo and bulk unitization. Stretch wrap up to 30 loads per hour Variable speed turntable for soft start Automatic load height sensing Internal speed controls for turntable and elevator Modular components for easy replacement


Machine can be used for carton wrapping on all surfaces 0-300% variable pre-stretch ensures minimum cost of consumables, while maintaining optimum load integrity Independent film tension adjustment to enable wrapping of light cartons and delicate cartons with less tension and heavier cartons with more tension Convenient operating height of 800 mm which will give less operator fatigue and more output Logic control through PLC


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