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IND570xx Platform Scales

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IND570xx Platform Scales

IND570xx Industrial Weighing Scale - One Scale, Many Solutions

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Installation-Ready The IND570xx comes with the hardware necessary for installation in a hazardous area. US harsh models are provided with conduit hubs, while EU versions have ATEX-certified cable glands. Direct Process Control When equipped with its Solid State I/O option, IND570 becomes a powerful process controller inside the hazardous area, without the need for lengthy connections and barriers to separate it from environmental hazards. Seamless Integration Your process data can flow between the safe and hazardous zones, unimpeded. The IND570xx offers a choice of communication options which ensure the right method for your facility and your process.


Flexible Control Options Implement customized operator routines to guarantee consistency in manual processes, or allow the IND570s standard applications, fast updating discrete I/O and PLC communication to take control of a process. Options for a Perfect Fit Highly versatile in form and function, the IND570 is designed for uncomplicated integration into all kinds of weighing workplaces from simple to sophisticated. Integrated Performance Monitoring Ensure your weighing system is running at maximum potential with integrated performance monitoring including Test Manager GWP for routine test control, user-friendly diagnostics with email alerts and embedded InTouchSM for active equipment monitoring with optional remote support services. Ready for Filling and Dosing The IND570 offers easy-to-configure software routines, discrete I/O, material storage tables and more, to enable accurate control of simple or sophisticated blending, filling and dosing operations.


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Enclosures Harsh environment model: 304L Stainless steel, IP65 certified. Includes fixed-angle brackets for wall mounting Panel mount model: Stainless steel front panel, aluminum chassis and integrated mounting hardware. Certified IP65 protection Operating environment -10C to +40C (14F to 104F), 10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing Display High contrast, high resolution OLED display with 25mm-high weight indication. Decreased power consumption with OLED technology Keypad Tactile keypad for enhanced operator experience. Clear, Tare, Print, Zero keys. Navigation keyset. Alphanumeric keypad. 5 softkeys, programmable with up to 15 unique functions to customize operator interaction with a weighing application

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