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R Series

When you really care about the quality of your products and the safety of your customers, there can be only one choice when it comes to selecting a metal detection solution

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Profile technology provides the ultimate in metal contaminant detection capability for dry product applications. All metal contamination including ferrous, non-ferrous and even the most difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steels are readily identified enabling them to be removed efficiently from the manufacturing process. Ultra-High Frequency to Detect the Most Challenging and Irregular Shaped Contaminants Ultra-high frequency operation pioneered by METTLER TOLEDO Safeline greatly improves detection sensitivity, particularly in the case of non-ferrous and nonmagnetic stainless steel contamination. This in turn delivers the added benefit of improvements in the detection of non-spherical and irregular shaped contamination such as wire and swarf. The Versatile Inspection Solution.A wide choice of high and ultra-high frequency combinations gives greater flexibility and long term future proofing allowing inspection of widely differing products should the need arise. Intelligent Multi-Channel Technology.Delivers Greater Detection Capability The detection capability of Profile and Profile LS metal detectors is optimised by the operation of multiple detection channels which combine to reduce the overall size of the detection envelope. Detection sensitivity is further enhanced through the use of intelligent product profiling software which ensures even the smallest pieces of metal are detected providing even greater levels of protection for you and your customers.


Increased Productivity Profile metal detectors enable productivity to be optimised to ensure uptime is maximised and costly downtime is all but eliminated. This effectiveness is realised through: Simple set-up and operation Reliable, consistent performance Low maintenance requirements Easy clean system designs Reduced Manufacturing Costs Profile technology enables overall lifetime costs to be managed and kept to an absolute minimum through: Eliminating false rejects & product waste Reducing performance monitoring requirements and costs Improving the ability to demonstrate due diligence Utilising innovative, futureproof design Improved Competitiveness The combination of increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs enables your business to win more customers by providing: Compliance with regulatory, industry and retailer standards Improved hygiene standards Protection of your brand and your reputation Maximised product quality


Product Code

40 Series, 80 Series


Numerous failsafe systems in conjunction with relevant hardware enhancements are available. These include: Intelligent reject confirmation system* Reject timing controlled by a rotary encoder Confirmation of the presence of the pneumatic supply for air operated reject devices Bin full monitoring to prevent the reject bin becoming full and thus preventing a contaminated pack being successfully rejected A reject check system that employs simple

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