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BBA242 Weighing Balance

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BBA242 Weighing Balance

For today’s automotive body paint shop

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The BBA242 paint scales can easily be connected to a PC, where you run your paint mixing software. If you work in a hazardous area environment, various approved version of the BBA242 are available. The PC itself must be installed in a safe area and connects via different available interfaces. In case you pour paint over the weighing base, it can easily be cleaned thanks to the stainless steel platform.


Capacity 0 – 7.1kg Readability 0.1g (0.05g up to 999g) Display Backlit graphic LCD, 192*64 pixel Languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese Formula memory (BBA242form) Up to 20 formulas with 15 components Keypad 7 function keys Housing Cast aluminum Platform Stainless steel Protection IP54 Interfaces RS232, connectable to various color mixing systems, optional USB converter Power 120/230 VAC power supplies for hazardous areas, universal power supply for safe areas Ambient temperature range 0°C to +40°C


Product Code

BBA242 Weighing Balance


The graphic display of the BBA242 form guides you through the mixing process and stores the mixing protocol inside the scale. Auto mated correction modes can be accessed in case you add too much of a component. The BBA242paint offers all the features of the BBA242form except the formula mode, making it a perfect solution for PC based mixing control.

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