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Now a days Industries are keen in follow international quality standards and comply with them to cater export requirements. This will enhance to win over competition. Industries are also looking for automation and centralsied control with data management through ERP. This will give an advantage in maintaining quality & reduce the cost.

We can provide solutions for tracebility of products including identification, product inspection for contaminations, online weighment with rejection and all industrial weighing solutions as per requirement with ERP data integration. We can also provide solution for secondary packing lines and transit packing solutions.

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules and precision measuring cells provide the broadest product offering, balancing capacity, readability, and protection ranging from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons.
SIGNODE India Limited offers solutions in transi packaings with Embossed Strapping,Combination Strapping Tools,Steel Strapping Systems,Tape Packaging Systems,Semi Automatic Strapping Machines,Film Wrapping Systems,Apex Steel Strapping,High Strength Tenax Polyester Strapping and many other customised solutions.

Markem Imaje Continuous inkjet printer 9029, 9030 printers are used to print text, linear and 2D barcodes or graphics messages on bottles.9029 can print up to 4 lines of text where as 9030 can print up to 8 lines of print.

LASER Printer-SMARTLASE C150/C350 laser coders are well suited for high speed printing in large coding areas and tough production environments, especially those requiring multi head scribing. They offer impeccable high contrast codes which cannot be erased and will help the manufacturer to prove their genuinity of products

Coding is suitable for  cosmetics, toiletries, cables, wires, tubes/pipes segments.


Pet bottles


Cables/Electric Wires

PVC Coated aluminium/metal profiles

PVC Pipes  via traversing system


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