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A study has been made about steel production in Kerala with the current demand, supply and the players of outside Kerala state who are having market in Kerala state. It is found that the steel manufactured in Kerala is not able to meet the state demand. 


In manufacturing, it’s key to keep process reliability under control while improving productivity. Save time and money while speeding up your processes and controlling quality. METTLER TOLEDO provides complete weighing and measuring solutions and services that help enhance your business excellence.
Signode offer total packaging solutions to the Steel and Metals industry. This includes hot and cold mills, rod and bar applications, metal service centres, aluminium and other non-ferrous Metals.

Signode designs manufactures and supplies strapping tools and semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines to apply these packaging materials. A highly focussed parts and service group offers customised service helping to lower your total cost of ownership.Bundling of steel pipes,channels and TMT bars are essential in its transportation and safe handling. Signode provides high quality strapping tools and steel straps for the bundling of tonnes of products. 

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